Everyday Jewelry


/ˈværɪli/ , (n)

To vary  because we always want something different,

Verily  to stay true to yourself,

Variety because we are all unique

A collection of unique luxury fashion jewellery created by Valeria D'Annibale Jewellery.

Vertigo 3D printed geometric necklace. Hand dyed, adjustable length, silver closure

We know that moment, when you are about to leave the house, you check your make up,

your shoes, your handbag...

but you still need that special something that makes you feel yourself...

That's when our extraordinary everyday jewelry comes to help!

VARILY is a high quality, contemporary designer jewellery collection born from

the creative mind of Valeria D’Annibale.

The attitude behind VARILY is to enable everyone to express their unique selves by creating bold and exclusive jewellery that is modern, versatile and accessible.


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